Medical care has improved over the years with some life-threatening diseases and conditions now being history. This has come as a result of the tireless efforts of physicians, physician-scientists, PhDs and other medical professionals conducting extensive research to understand the normal and abnormal functioning of the human body, how it interacts with the environment including chemicals, drugs and various stimuli. These professionals constantly investigate the causes and potential treatment of diseases. Medical research is the systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation of medical illnesses in order to develop a solution or contribute to new knowledge to the field of medicine. It involves a step-by-step process of inquiry about a particular medical illness, disease or other conditions of public health importance in order to come up with useful information, policy or solutions to address such disease or conditions.

Nigeria is plagued with some major public health issues such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV, reproductive, maternal and childhood conditions which has led to high morbidity and mortality among its population and the attendant low life expectancy and productivity. This is compounded by increasing preponderance of chronic ailments such as kidney diseases, cancers, substance abuse and road traffic injuries. With an improvement in the knowledge of diseases and other public health conditions available to health care providers, there would be profound changes in the approach to treatment.  

Medical research that are translational in nature seek to take medical discoveries made in the laboratory and incorporate them into medical practice after such discoveries including medicines, vaccines and technologies must have been duly tested for efficacy, effectiveness and safety and approved by the appropriate national or regional health regulatory authority. Support for medical research will help build the future of medicine as well as improve the general health and well-being of the public. Beyond these health benefits, investment in health research and development has attendant benefits for the economy including employment opportunities across several sectors beyond health

The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research Foundation (NIMR Foundation) offers ways through which you can support medical research. The Foundation has the mandate to build and expand capacity for translational research among early career investigators (researchers) and promote innovation, development and commercialization of Nigerian-based healthcare solutions. The Foundation is working to build capacity for Nigerians to conduct high-quality, cutting-edge research which will address the peculiar problems of Nigerians. With the partnership and donations of individual and corporate organizations like yourself, we are well on our way to building the Nigeria of our dream, where needed healthcare expertise are readily available and healthcare innovations thrives.

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