PhD/Medical Fellowships

A one-time research capacity development award for the pursuit of PhD and Postgraduate Medical Fellowships in approved areas of clinical and biomedical sciences in collaboration with universities in Nigeria and abroad with preference for Nigeria. These PhD and Medical Fellowship awards are open to all Nigerians across the 36 States and Federal Capital Territory and will be guided by the research agenda priorities of the Foundation. The award covers tuition and support for research work for a period of 3 years. Number of yearly awards will be determined by competition and availability of funds. The Intramural Grant component of this award is reserved for research capacity development of NIMR research fellows.

Travel Grants

This will provide small grants for researchers to attend conferences, workshops and other short training courses within and outside Nigeria. This is meant to compliment training received within the academic institutions in Nigeria and provide opportunities to share findings of research done at conferences, seminars and workshops and also network with researchers across the world. Number of grants awarded on a yearly basis will be determined by competition and availability of funds.

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The purpose of this award is to provide funding to support capacity development of Nigerian early career investigators to develop into leaders with emphasis on hands-on training and research linked to priority diseases and conditions of public health importance determined by the research agenda of the Foundation. This award will be for a maximum of 2 years and the number of annual awards will depend on availability of funds.


The sabbatical awards will enable senior researchers from academic and training institutions to undertake research into diseases and conditions of priority determined by the Foundation. Duration of sabbaticals will be for a period of 1 year and will be undertaken at NIMR or its partner institutions.

Endowed Awards

Specific award on request of individual donor(s) to address a specific health challenge determined by the donor(s). These awards will usually have duration of 3-5 years and may be renewed on satisfactory performance, need and funds availability.