The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research Foundation (NIMR Foundation) is a private, not-for-profit organization established by the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) in February 2020 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC/IT/NO 143431). NIMR is the apex medical research organisation charged with the responsibility to conduct research into diseases and conditions of public health importance in Nigeria.

NIMR Foundation has the mandate to build and expand capacity for translational research among early career investigators and promote innovation, development and commercialization of home-grown medicines, vaccines and technologies to address the health problems of Nigeria in particular, and Africa at large. The Foundation will do everything that NIMR is currently doing and should be doing given the broad mandate imposed by the Law establishing the Institute back in 1977 from a service perspective. The differentiating factor is that the Foundation will utilise resources mobilized from mostly the private sector rather than depend on funding from Government as NIMR does. In addition, the Foundation will not seek to own laboratory, research or training facilities but will leverage on use of facilities at NIMR and other partner institutions Given the source of funding and the need to demonstrate value for money, NIMR Foundation will prioritize development and implementation of mechanisms to elevate research, innovation and products/ services development in health care as a viable business which can address human suffering in form of diseases and other health-related problems and become a significant revenue stream contributing to the economic productivity of our nation.

The NIMR Foundation’s financial and personnel structures, while designed to perpetuate and accelerate the mission and activities of NIMR, are still quite distinct from those of NIMR and the operational practices of the Foundation may also vary from those of the Institute. NIMR Foundation conforms to non-profit corporation laws. The purpose of the Foundation will be to help develop and administer those activities that assist and supplement the mission and mandate of NIMR.